Since the launch of the Amazon condom, it has become more and more familiar to people. The popularity of Amazon condoms is quite good, so what are the advantages of Amazon condoms? How about the price?

The main advantages of Amazon condoms are:

1 and Amazon condoms have different shapes, colors, tastes, etc., making sex more interesting.

2, the correct use of Amazon condoms is a safer and more reliable method of contraception.

3, Amazon Condoms provide women with safer protection, block the contact between smegma and the cervix, and reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

4, Amazon condoms do not produce physiological side effects like other contraceptive methods, safe and secure.

5 and Amazon condoms are especially fruity and fresh and pleasant. They can better satisfy people's need for smell in the process of sex, and can add a little sweetness.

6 and Amazon condoms are electronically tested, safe and reliable, with no obvious side effects.

7 and Amazon condoms are added to the natural lubricating essence, which not only can effectively protect women's health, but also make the husband and wife not feel dry during the process of sex and better solve the problem.

Specification model: smooth type

Product color: color

Nominal width: 52±2mm

Quantity: 2 only / box

Fragrance type: fruity flavor

Storage period: 5 years

Origin: Malaysia

Super cost-effective! The only Chinese official in Canada authorized `` Fluorescence '' 2 packs

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