The WonderLife condom was born in Hong Kong in 1994. Promote sales in a number of large chain stores in 2002, and attach great importance to promoting brands in various promotional media. WonderLife is currently the only condom approved by the Hong Kong Safety Mark. The product is made of high quality primary color natural latex with no artificial coloring. Samples and rigorous tests are regularly taken by the Hong Kong Safety Certification Center to demonstrate compliance with international ISO4074: 2002 standards and Hong Kong product safety requirements. According to 2005's AC Nelson, WonderLife is one of the top three best-selling brands in Hong Kong (the three best-selling brands are Durex, Okamoto, WonderLife) and is very popular.

WonderLifeClear positioning, advertised youth, vitality, and fun life.WonderLifeIn order to create a scent image, more than 20's variety of fresh fruit flavors and floral fragrance condoms, the most taste in the market. In recent years, the ultra-thin and ultra-lubricated 001 and 003 series have been introduced.WonderLifeThe brand is competitive in terms of price, and the brand strategy is aimed at the mass consumer market.

WonderLife - Hong Kong's most famous brand is currently the Hong Kong safety mark recognized condom "0.02" 2 only installed

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