"Indulge in indifference, greet with honing, and lie down and lie down, it's all TA. Turning beautiful eyes, your attachment is written in your eyes. In fact, TA is not cold, and sometimes the disobedience is to attract Your attention. Wearing a cat's ear, chest and fish bones, stepping on the soft cat's cat pad, come to you clearly, do not guess. You, don't be indifferent.

UPKO play cat gift box, borrow cat romance,

Lovers and cats are fascinating. ”

Wear the cat's ear on the head and pretend that it is a lover's kitten. The well-behaved cat, with his limbs on the ground, slightly picking up his buttocks, and Huanhuan climbed to the side of the TA, licking his body, or screaming, or shaking his hips, spoiling at the TA ankle, letting TA can't help but carry it on you. The comfort of love. The naughty cat came out of the bathroom and plunged into the arms of TA. In the encirclement of the lover’s surprise expression and exclamation, TA gave you a small punishment for love.

The package contains:
Cat earbands*1
Fish bone folder *2
Feather stick *1
Beautiful card *1
Gift Package

UPKO - China's first high-end pro-female craft fun brand officially authorized to play with cats in Canada

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