UPKO “镣” series

Stronger imprisonment, more form of temperature difference between the two worlds

Summon Desire Beast

Collar: The lock and gold enamel are used as decorative highlights, while increasing the sense of weight.
Traction chain: 100cm long, zinc alloy chain, rounded trim handle, comfortable to hold hands.
Handcuffs/ankles: Commonly used for hands and feet, 80cm is long, and the form of use is highly developed and varied.

Italian imported cowhide, alloy

Collar length: 42cm, width: 3cm; adjustable circumference: 33.5cm-37cm
Traction chain length: 100cm
镣铐 total length: 100cm

UPKO - China's first high-end pro-female craft fun brand officially authorized in the Canadian region "镣 series set"

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