"Fun" loves yourself and picks up the "bean" artifact

Q elastic soft, powerful shock, two temperature control, body wash

Multiple vibrations:6 vibration mode, fancy vibration allows the body to relax slowly until soft

Two-speed heating: 48 °C warm hands ignite your C point temperature, 60 °C warm palace is more suitable for body cold girls

Waterproof body: IP7 full waterproof design "How to wash how to wash"

Soft touch: food grade silicone, exquisite and compact, soft material feel

Does not affect the vaginal elasticity, how to play tight

Does not enter the body, reducing bacterial invasion

Do not destroy the virgin structure, climax and self-love

More convenient to generate the stimulation of walking around the body

Iobanana "The claws are coming! ! 》 Massager hand warmers dual use!

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