"Wow, she's really pretty, no wonder why her name is Mia!"

A beautiful girl that everyone loves! She's so athletic and unbelievable! Mia is Everyone wants to be friends with! All the Boys love her and wanna date her! Mia is So amazing yall should be jealous if you Don't have a Mia in your life!

Sexy, not erotic. - LIERADORE encourages women to become sexy.

LIERADORE tells her experience:

When you are alone, feel private when you are immersed and lazy;

When you are intimate, you can also transform into a variety of temperament and personality, and emit a unique aroma in different situations.

Lier Adore is from the UK. She has the openness and tolerance of British culture. The design style also has the traditional British luxury and texture. It reminds women that they should pursue a more noble wearing quality in their home life. In shaping and portraying the ever-changing personality traits of women, it is to tell Lier Adore's experience: "Who do you want to be at the moment? Then who you are."

19/20 NEW COLLECTION - "Mia" British high-end underwear brand Lier Adore Canada exclusive authorized sales!

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