Fantasy: Technology white hits the illusion red, the texture is natural

Trek: Black and white with psychedelic blue, deep and high-end

**Five breakthroughs extraordinary pleasure to redefine the aircraft cup**

[Breakthrough 1] Psychedelic space capsule channel, cool to hair is shaking: 3 heavy corrugated soft base, 8 flying saucer tooth pattern, dozens of muscle particles, complex turbo stimulation structure, organic combination, synchronous stimulation, Pamper your climax

[Breakthrough 2] The illusion overlaps the large ripples, and each shot has a plethora of pleasures: the twists and turns of the twists and turns, the interlaced particles, the depth of each sensitive nerve, the subtle pleasures gathered into a hearty satisfaction.

[Breakthrough 3] Full cabin pressurization, free pressurization, each strength has different refreshing

[Breakthrough 4] Water soft TPE material, like water soft, straight to the climax nerve

[Breakthrough 5] Black hole double hole design to satisfy your desire to fly

Thunder "Space Capsule Folding Aircraft Cup"

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