"The Lost Paradise" describes Miss Scorpion. "The appearance of a book is as good as a dignified and beautiful one. Even if it is as difficult as a name, the bed is full of sorrow and sorrow." It has become a dream lover of many men.


Faced with parents, facing lovers, facing different states of work, who is not a "two-faced faction", who has not yet "contrast" and "contrast". The most gentleness of the bow, just like a water lotus is too shy. It is also the bow of the bow, just like a little wolf dog is very happy.


One of the UPKO hot sale gift boxes,Lovers, don't be too embarrassed.. Bring TA the contrast between day and night.

Bind you, tied you, cover your eyes, flirt with the subtle stimuli brought by the whip, and discover the fascination of pain and discover another wild interest. You know, smart lovers know how to play badly in time and bring contrast.

Eye mask, electrostatic binding tape, white whip, will express the lust, in a different way

The package contains:
UPKO white tassel whip *1
UPKO Silk Eye Mask*1
UPKO electrostatic tape *1
Satin storage bag *1
Beautiful card *1
Gift Package

UPKO - China's first high-end pro-female craft fun brand officially authorized by the Canadian region "Lover's Too Gift Box"

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