[Heart version] manual frequency modulation, enjoy the joy of different rhythms

[Youth Edition] Remote connection for TA adjustment via Bluetooth connection between App and mobile phone

** Soft skin-like feel, gold size design**

The delicate and smooth feel is only 3.6cm in diameter, which is easier to enter; 23 degree gold corners fit in with the private parts; let you enjoy the wonderful feeling that ta brings to you.

** Libo mute technology allows you to enjoy peace of mind, relax and decompression**

Libo's professional silent noise reduction technology reduces the vibration noise to below 50 decibels, breathing silently, without worrying about being heard by roommates, allowing you to relax and enjoy the body.

**Experience multi-frequency strong earthquake, more comfortable than ta, more easy to climax**

High-frequency vibration motor specially developed by Libo Technology, which stimulates the built-in 8 high-altitude vibration frequency, from low frequency to high frequency to meet your pattern needs.

**IP67 waterproof rating for easy cleaning**

Libo professional all-inclusive plastic technology, whether the bathroom or the bedroom is fully waterproof, so you can use the peace of mind

"Little Monster" vibrating egg

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